No Regrets

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“If you want to live a thriving life and have no regrets, this is the show to go”

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Life, Love & The Universe


2nd December 7pm – Warriewood United Cinema

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Do you have a curious mind?

Come and join Paul von Bergen in this series of light hearted talks and meditations that explore what it means to be a human being living a modern life and how we can benefit from the ancient wisdom and the modern neuroscience.

You will enjoy this thought-provoking multi-media mindfulness journey from the luxury of your grand class recliner seat and help raise money for Lifeline Northern Beaches at the same time!

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“It pulled at my heart strings but also made me feel so empowered and inspired to live such a great, awesome healthy meaningful and mindful life!”

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Learning From The Masters

Wed 2nd Dec 7pm – 8:30pm $40

United Cinemas Warriewood

Be amazed at the common themes taught by the great masters including the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Patanjali, Hippocrates, Rumi, da Vinci and how they provide amazing simple guidelines to living a calm and healthy life even when surrounded by chaos.

Learn to develop a simple daily 7 minute mindfulness practice that can change how your think, feel and act.

100% of proceeds are going to Lifeline Northern Beaches who are doing incredible work, only get half their funding from government and are dealing with people in OUR community who are really in crisis!

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Visit United Cinemas website, click Warriewood, then go to Dec 2nd



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