Dear friend

This is what I think.

I value our friendship and fully respect any medical decision you make. I ask the same from you. If you wish to understand the rationale behind my own decision then please read on.


My opinion about everything is subject to change at anytime.

Words are just words (squiggly lines imbued with meaning)

There are many layers of ‘truth’

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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

I don’t think I am stupid but I am human

…. I experience all the fallibilities that any other human does including confirmation bias. I do make conscious effort though to counteract that by reading media I don’t agree with, following scientists with a different narrative on social media and reading books by pro vaccine persons such as Sarah Gilbert.

I don’t think I am stupid but I do only have a human brain….

… and that is limited in its ability to grasp the enormousness of our own evolutionary history and the unfathomable complexity that we have come to understand in the universe at the very large and very small scales.

Seekers of wisdom are continuously surprised, open to having their minds changed about anything at anytime and completely aware of their own very limited abilities.

The real delight in searching for wisdom is knowing that we don’t really know anything. It is a world of mystery and possibility, a world of suffering and joy. At any time all the rules that we cling to so dearly could unravel.

Even such solid concepts as living in only four dimensions (three of space one of time) is unravelling – what would Einstein think now about how science has unpacked his ‘spooky action at a distance’, to now scientifically realise that either “things can be in two places at once or are instantly connected through yet unknown dimensions”. I think Einstein would love it. As a fan of Einstein (amongst many other people) one of the things that I most admire is how he bridges the gap between science and spirituality, reasoned argument and imagination and ultimately his use of both his left and right hemispheres.

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”

Albert Einstein
Left and right human brain. Creative half and logic half of human mind. Vector illustration isolated on white background.

I don’t think I’m stupid but I do only have two brains…

Humans have the most divided brains of any creature with our ratio of our corpus callosum to hemisphere being the smallest recorded. This begs the massive question – why?

To understand Covid you must understand your brain or more accurately the two different hemispheres of your brain that perceive Covid.
?Most Westerners reside in a dominant left hemisphere, the part that sees separation and identity as an individual, the me and the I, the existential. It’s the part that constantly scans into the future and past, looking for reason and sense and comfortable patterns that it can easily grasp. The left loves logic, and lists and language and literation – words help it create understandable ideas and thought structures and mental maps that reassure its fragile ego identity in this impossibly complicated and sometimes scary universe. Western medicine is reductionist and left brain dominant. The left brain is very persuasive.

The right hemisphere perceives the world in a present moment awareness, it sees only connection – to the universe within the body and the universe not quite as much within. In fact the right hemisphere does not see the boundaries created by the left hemisphere such as the me and the mine. Are your bacteria part of you? What about your viruses? Who benefits from the activities in your digestive tubes? What about the atoms in you – are they new are they even yours? Who owns the oxygen? What about the electromagnetic field that all living things reside within and emit? Where do you start and you finish?

The right hemisphere is spiritual, religious and understands in feelings and relationships not words and words are quite new. Traditional wisdom, much of it thousands of years old, uses the right hemisphere in seeking connection to a divine energy or intelligence greater than ourselves.

As Jill Bolte-Taylor, American neuroscientist explains; when in right hemisphere perception ”I could not tell where the atoms of my fingers ended and the atoms of the universe started”. That is real connection. That is real truth.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Albert Einstein

We need to understand this Covid problem from both the left and right hemisphere’s perspective, and let’s not forgot being skilful in how we use our frontal cerebral cortex to over ride our limbic system and amygdala response when needed…

I don’t think I’m stupid but I have helped over thirty thousand people find health and wellness…..

……and been a very committed student constantly now for over fifteen years spending many hours each and every week learning from

…….some of the finest minds around now (Goodhall, Cox, Hawking, Attenborough, Hay, Dalai Lama, Tolle, Kabatt-Zinn, Collen, Bolte-Taylor, Weinstein, Enders, Noah Harari, Dispenza, Busch, Lipton and many of the finest scientists and philosophers around )

……and the finest minds ever been (Jesus, Muhammed, Rumi, Da Vinchi, Hippocrates, Gandhi, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Patanjali, Einstein plus the many Eleusinian priestesses and pagan spiritual earth mamas and white witches and aboriginal and Indian wisdom masters)

….and then putting it into practice with myself and with our guests. Think daily personal practice for over ten years with wholefood balanced diet and yoga meditation mindfulness combined with neuro-plasticity, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, metacognition, electron entanglement, anything quantum, anything biome and virome and how each and every unique stage of our fourteen billion years of evolutionary history is contained and acting out in each and every one of us human beings today and most importantly within of connection – it’s all about connection.

….and I try and combine this science and spiritual teachings in myself, in my personal practice through intention setting and gratitude practice. I try and combine this balance of left and right hemisphere activation. I have reconnected to my spirituality after loosing it until about thirty five years of age. I still have my scientific brain although the Pure Maths Degree that I received from Manchester University seems a long time ago now.

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein

Now I have set the scene….

Covid is a complicated mix of science, politics, money, media, power, fear and ignorance magnified by instant social communication and global travel. There is an unbelievable amount of information around it from all kinds of sources, credible and not. It is over whelming and confusing – anybody who tells you otherwise is lying.

So what do we really know, as close to ‘for sure’ as possible….

Human beings are full of thousands of types of bacteria and millions of types of virus and that is an essential part of our human evolutionary journey and vital to our wellness.

There is currently something virus related that is making many people sick. Most people have mild or non existent symptoms but a very small percentage of people can be hospitalised or die. We need to treat it seriously and it is not a big conspiracy.

A large proportion of the Western world is unhealthy, over weight, stressed, drinks too much alcohol, and is exposed to huge amounts of chemicals, toxins and pesticides in the home, the cities and the food.

Most western people have serious imbalance in their internal gut biome caused by poor diet, overuse of antibiotics, alcohol consumption and stress. We know that a balanced gut biome plays a vital role in keeping the immune system healthy and affects genetic expression (epigenetics) and disease prevalence. Just check out the incredible work being done to treat all kinds of physical and mental disease through faecal transplants and the repopulation of gut flora.

The western world has been experiencing large increases in the number of people suffering from heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, Parkinsons, diabetes, mental health conditions and auto-immune disease. Western medicine has failed miserably at preventing these.

Western medicine has adopted the ‘pharmaceutical model’ which involves local management of health through short visits to an overworked GP and expensive specialists and the prescribing of expensive medicines to control symptoms (not prevent or cure disease). This is big business. The vast majority of health and medical research as well as the regulatory authorities and the research universities are now funded by pharmaceutical companies and directed by those commercial priorities. It is not is the pharmaceutical industry’s interests to cure disease. That would put them out of business.

They do have a bit of a battered reputation too with Pfizer recently paying the biggest corporate fine in history of $2bn for ‘fraudulent marketing”

… and Johnson & Johnson couldn’t even get talcum power right without it causing cancer – $6b in compensation

Western medicine has though been great though at dealing with acute illness such as heart attack, broken bones and vehicle accidents. Its biggest failure is chronic disease and mental illness and the unsustainable costs of subsidising such a medical system.

It’s also worth looking into why the average western male sperm count has halved in the past 40 years and how chemicals in our environment act as “endocrine disruptors”. This is a serious concern.

And then Covid arrived….

Many millions of people were registered as dying within 28 days of receiving a PCR test that said Covid positive. This does not mean these persons died from Covid. The vast majority (but not all) of these persons were elderly and had significant co-morbidities. Many people also know people personally who either become seriously ill with Covid but also many people who were hardly affected at all. There is no doubt something is making people sick.

There should be more research into why Covid affects some people much more than others.

The media whipped up a frenzy and politicians were scared. Some amazing work went on at incredible speeds in places like Oxford University with the AZ vaccine (Sarah Gilbert Catherine Green – check out their book Vaxxers) and of course at Pfizer. They pitched an easy solution that required no effort on behalf of the participants – perfect for the lazy Westerners but it come with a sub-clause – it’s our way or not at all – you have to commit to the vaccination path if you want our vaccines (check out the contracts between vaccine manufacturers and state governments). Politicians had an easy way out and fully and totally jumped on the “vaccination is the only way out of this” narrative.

Lockdowns and masks seem to have reduced transmission but might have had some other effects as well (think less gut biome diversity, reduced air intake and mental health crisis).

Fast forward nearly a year since vaccinations commenced and this is the first time mRNA injections have been used on such a massive global level and at the same time as a virus is circulating. There is serious risk involved.

Evidence shows that for the average person, in the first few months after receiving the injection, they are less likely to transmit the virus and less likely to end up seriously ill. That is great and has saved many lives from Covid in the short term anyway.

There is also now strong evidence showing the injection’s ability to reduce severe illness wanes significantly and with Nature journal claiming ““the vaccine’s beneficial effect on Delta transmission waned to almost negligible levels over time”. This is not what we were promised. We are now being sold injections every few months – watch those share prices rocket.

There is also evidence about adverse effects that were not foreseen including blood clots, myocarditis, inflammation and problems with female menstrual cycles. There are high levels of adverse events reporting but of course these cannot instantly be attributed to the vaccine – as we all know correlation is NOT causation. Very little media or scientific effort is going into researching adverse affects and people who try and report and investigate are blocked or closed down.

There is also anecdotal evidence from personally knowing many people who had adverse reactions including stroke, severe ongoing headaches and heart problems.

There is evidence of increased hospitalisations not due to Covid. Places such as Western Australia have no Covid, high levels of vaccination sand are seeing unprecedented strain on hospitals – we urgently need to know why and if it is vaccine related?

There is evidence of increased all cause mortality in highly vaccinated countries such as Scotland -again we urgently need to know why and if it is vaccine related?

There is some limited evidence to show that regular mRNA vaccine use may reduce the body’s own natural immune response and may also cause long term heart inflammation – again much more research is needed but very little of it is being funded.
This is not ‘peer reviewed’ but I think this guy is credible

It is very hard for research universities to do anything that goes against big Pharma – unless they want their research budgets cut. Read the Vaxxers book to hear from Sarah and Catherine (inventors of Astra Zeneca) about the huge role big Pharma plays in funding.

It is very complicated and very confusing but science is not science unless we keep asking challenging questions and make sure that the people answering those questions are not skewed by research or money coming from pharmaceutical or political interests.

We have to fully support and fund extensive ongoing and independent research into adverse affects and be able to discuss openly without censure.

We have to ask also why has so little effort gone into researching treatment protocols that if given early enough can prevent hospitalisations. Ultimately this is because there is not enough money in it to fund large scale randomised controlled trials (RCT’s) in out of patent drugs, such as Ivermectin.

In fact even mentioning Ivermectin gets you banned or ridiculed even though the FDA says further research is needed, many countries including Uttah Pradesh seem to have falling case numbers after using it but of course much more research is needed and on the whole it is simply not being funded. Thankfully Oxford University believes it shows such promise that they included it in their large scale trials in UK – at least some institutions can still fund projects that might be highly effective even if not profitable.

Government money is needed to independently research early stage treatment protocols

Also why has so little effort gone into promoting good balanced health as being something that can help during this time. Of course this is not an easy thing to do and does not guarantee that someone is not going to get sick from Covid but heck, neither does the injection. What is does do though is give that person the best possible chance of having a strong immune system that can easily deal with pathogenic virus or bacteria should they get Covid. Regardless of one’s vaccination status – being in great health is ALWAYS going to be a better option.

What Happens When You Are Stressed

Good health is not about just eating Kale – it takes effort and daily practice and involves (in priority order) –

  • Not smoking
  • Drinking negligible alcohol
  • Eating organic animal and rainbow plant whole foods and good quality unrefined fats (rules out 95% of supermarket, fast food and restaurant meals – sorry) avoiding sugars, soft drinks, caffeine etc
  • Keeping mobile and active all day (no long sitting – gardening works well) and a bit of exercise
  • Skilful management of sympathetic response system (stress) as the science is very very clear that if we trigger our stress response too frequently it can have severely adverse affect on the good functioning of our immune system and health.
  • Reduce exposure to air and chemical pollutants by not living in a city, avoiding chemicals in the home and on your body, being conscious of VOC’s in building materials
  • Reducing exposure to antibiotics either directly or in animal food products and using traditional probiotics and balanced diet to create rebalance ion your gut biome
  • Get lots of natural vitamin D
  • Try to whatever is needed to reduce or avoid taking regular pharmaceuticals if your doctor agrees.
  • Take every obstacle as an opportunity for growth

Extensive government funds and effort need to go into getting the Western world physical and mentally healthy as a way to reduce all disease hospitalisation.

It’s not that hard – most people pick it up within a few days of semi-intensive training – that is money well spent.

And we find ourselves here in December 2021.

The vast majority of the mainstream media has a single narrative – get vaccinated.

The vast majority of politicians has a single narrative – get vaccinated

The mainstream media seems to think ‘wellness warriors’ just tell people to “eat kale and they will bet alright” – that was the Guardian – if only it were that simple

Doctors and nurses are no long allowed to speak freely.

People are losing their jobs because of their medical choices. Friendships and family ties are being affected.

No-one knows the medium and long term affects of the vaccines, especial when taken regularly – that is a very big unknown – our human immune system is unbelievably complicated – it’s risky thinking we can completely understand how it will behave in these circumstances.

The vaccines are not working as promised and do not offer long term immunity.

I am not apposed to vaccines – I think that for many people with compromised immune system they are a great way of staying alive – but I don’t think it’s a one size fits all solution.

It is very clear both vaccinated and unvaccinated are able to transmit virus and bacteria.

My Manifesto

  • Vaccines must be used in combination with early stage protocols and great health support for creating changed patterns..
  • There must be no coercing anyone to do anything they do not want to do.
  • We must actively encourage all perspectives and ensure people are free to speak.
  • Massive effort must go into independently checking adverse reactions and long term implications.
  • Be kind to each other
  • Be kind to yourself

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”


Love Paul x

-The End-

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