I say no to ..

To live a healthy life you must resist…


I SAY NO to using commercial body washes or shampoo to avoid absorbing unknown chemicals into my body and have not used these for fifteen years now (I do wash daily though with clean water!)

I SAY NO to using household cleaning or laundry products containing toxins.

I SAY NO to sunscreen wherever possible and use natural barriers such as a hat or shirt except when getting my 10-15 min whole body daily dose of vitamin D

I SAY NO to using gardening chemicals especially ones containing Glyphosate or other herbicides.

I SAY NO to ignorance so have been studying health wellness, the human mind and body connection, Psychoneuroimmunology, neural-plasticity, epigenetics, metacognition, neuroscience and more for fifteen years now including about 3-4 hours every single week dedicated to reading, listening and studying from some of the finest scientific and philosophical minds ever to live including Hippocrates, Socrates, da Vinci, Einstein, Jesus, Gandi, the Buddha, Hawking, Lipton, Kabatt-Zinn, Patanjali, Hay, Tolle , Brand and many more.

I SAY NO to blindly believing the rhetoric that comes from the corporate or politically funded news, TV and press or the politically constrained or muted public servants and instead seek out knowledge from independent scientists and media including ones that have a different opinion to me so I can get a broad perspective.

I SAY NO to rigidity of thought and am open to changing my mind about anything and everything as that is how science best works.

I SAY NO to food ignorance by listening to my wise wife who has been studying food, diet and nutrition for fifteen years for hours each week now including holding a diploma in Nutritional Medicine and being a expert in wise traditions and whole food diets.

I SAY NO to highly refined bad fats such as seed and vegetable oils and margarine as the refining process changes the molecular fat structure and they can permeate through the stomach lining more easily and cause obesity and coronary heart disease.

I SAY NO to judgement of others based on their conscious or unconscious lifestyle or medical choices regardless of how many hospital resources those choices take up but I do think we should talk about how our tax payer dollars would be best spent to get everyone healthy.

I SAY NO to anything that disrupts the harmonious balance of bacteria and virus and enzymes in my digestive system, including avoiding antibiotics and prescription drugs unless it is life threatening because I know that the symbiotic relationship in my gut has been evolving for 1.5b years and that a balanced micro biome is essential for the proper absorption of vital nutrients and also play a role on the expression of DNA.

I SAY NO to alcohol as much as possible because it is a poison, a neurotoxin and a sugar and anything more than a few glasses a week is bad for you.

I SAY NO to being boring though and occasionally use carefully selected natural psychoactive organic plants through my digestive system such as caffeine and others to stimulate my mind and consciousness and as used by indigenous cultures for spiritually enhancing practices for thousand of years.

I SAY NO to wasting the huge advantage I have been granted through living in a rich western country, being well educated and having inherited some money because with great privilege comes great responsibility and I will not waste my life feeding the greedy all consuming capitalist system and instead will dedicate my life to trying to make a positive difference.

I SAY NO to surrendering my long term health management to my doctor or pharmaceutical company as the best thing I can do is keep a strong well balanced immune system that knows how to keep my biome and my virome and my malignant cells in check and stay on top of anything that starts to turn pathogenic but I am happy to contribute tax to this system for when I might have an acute illness that western medicine is great at dealing with.

I SAY NO to sugary and soda drinks including no sugar ones because I used to work for a soft drink company and they don’t give a shit about your health and they are either full of chemicals, sugar, high doses of caffeine or artificial sweeteners which are crap for you anyway.

I SAY NO to excess stress through daily mindfulness and meditation and intention setting and gratitude practice where I am training the prefrontal cerebral cortex to be able to over ride the primitive amygdala fear system because the constant triggering of the sympathetic response system causes the immune system to have reduced function.

I SAY NO to a sedentary life style so have a standing up desk with a saddle chair and my first priority every day is to get a least 20 minutes of exercise and I do my physical yoga practice every day.

I SAY NO to being numb or disconnected to my body or nature so instead have a daily sensitising yoga practice where I am constantly reminding my brain how to connect between the left and right hemisphere and feel the subtleties of my organs and the biofeedback in my body so I can adjust behaviour accordingly as well as reminding myself that I am part of the universe I am part of nature and I do have the kingdom of heaven within.

I SAY NO to highly processed foods made by corporate giants that contain additives and colourings and animal stress hormones and preservatives and antibiotics and pesticides because they are toxic and my body thrives better on organic and prebiotic whole foods that it has been used to consuming for about three hundred millions years.

I SAY NO to air pollution and try and spend as much of my life as possible inhaling clean well oxygenated air by spending time in nature and forests and the Australian bush on bike rides or walks.

I SAY YES to kindness and compassion and open mindedness and freedom of choice and forgiveness and love and joy and celebration and life


Have. A nice Day