PAUl’s Covid Questions

I believe that the data shows that on average, a vaccinated person is less likely to have a serious illness from Covid than an unvaccinated person. THUS the vaccine has some benefit for some people.

I believe that the latest data shows that both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons can spread the virus.

But I have some questions

  • How was it decided that a death was recorded as ’caused by covid’ in the public health data?
  • How many people have died in the past 18 months and how does that compare to the average ?
  • What percentage of people getting sick with Covid have some kind of comorbidity or underlying health condition?
  • What is the likelihood for someone like me (50 year old male, eats well, drinks little, does yoga, meditation and regular exercise) of being adversely affected if I have the virus pass through me?
  • Who is going to fund and manage the large randomised control trials of ivermectin that are needed in Australia?
  • Why is there no early care protocol to try and keep people with covid out of hospital?
  • How do we ensure that all adverse effects from the vaccines are being reported accurately?
  • What do we know about the health risks of extended period mask wearing?
  • How do we know that the virus wont keep mutating into a vaccine resistant variant a bit like bacteria has done with antibiotics?
  • What are the medium and long term health risks to our immune system by having the Covid injection?
  • How many booster jabs will it take – yearly? monthly? daily?
  • When are we going to learn to live with the virus?

Paul x

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