Video Poem: Irritation

Well there is definitely a lot of irritation around at the moment – take heed!

It drives me mad when when someone cuts me up
You won’t believe what i’d do to that little grub

And don’t get me started on a noisy bloody kid

It makes me crazy all children I want to get rid

The other day in a flipping yoga class

The rude other student her phone did blast

Can you believe she ruined my weekly savasana

Ha – to her I sent some bad moody karma

Crumbs this world is an annoying place

Full of irritation and hick ups spoiling my private space

Why cant all the other people just F right off

Particularly anyone with a covid cough

And leave me alone in my misery

My failed life deserves huge pity

Oppressed I am always out to get me

In my skin bad fortune you would see

Good morning planet earth

What an incredible thing

The sun is a rising

The birds start to sing

The day is unknown and that makes it special

With practice I know I can always stay level

Sure there are ups and downs of this mad city life

There’s people all around and then there’s the wife

It’s noisy and crowded irritation can arise

But you can deal with that and avoid despise

Perhaps each time is an opportunity

To strengthen your practice yes you will see

If annoyed you are at every rub

How will your mirror be polished up

Set your beacons and intentions and remind each day

How you want to act and feel and what you should say

Forgive yourself easily when you’re not inline

Without regular practice you will decline

Resistance is futile that you should know

So let equanimity and acceptance to the world you sow

Realise deeply that you will never stop the up and down wave

But learning to surf your sanity will save

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