Video Poem: Stroke of Insight

A video poem from my 2020 No Regrets Mindfulness Shows inspired by my learning from Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroscientist who had a stroke and her left brain shut down – for a bit. This is about her understanding of the left and right brains we have. I even sent this to Jill and she responded! I hope to meet her one day.

Flipping heck – talk about scientific experiment

To have giant blockage to left hemisphere sent

Left shuts down and only  is right

Ego no longer has place left to fight

Jill Bolte Taylor is my hero

A neuroscientist really in the know

With our corpus callosum shrinking the most

Are we really two people, of that can I boast

What  does it mean to contain these two brain

Can I realy contemplate this and still stay sane

Well yes now I have come to understand

What it feels like to inhabit both sides of this land

To be honest the left is where i mostly reside

But my heart and connection no longer want to hide

The left is the doing – its a very busy place

Planning future and thinking dont leave for much space

The words and the logic can persuade like the best

This side can excel at any mathematics test

The right is the being for whatever maybe,

It’s only present moment awareness that this side can see

When the right looks down at the atoms of your hand

Continuous it sees to the atoms of the land

Connected as one to the whole universe

Our gateway to joining ancd singing one verse

Could it be we have come so left dominant

Without balance are we are pretty incompetent

At working together for goodness of all

Any preventing bio-life catastrophic fall

Well I’m making it my purpose to encourage this change

And expand the homo sapien evolutionary range

It’s been the same story for billions of year

That coming together overcome individual fear

Together as one species and planet

Is how to reach the sustainable summit

In a world of harmony and balance to be

This is the future story that you will see

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