Video Poem: kindness

A poemfrom my 2020 Mindfulness shows – No Regrets – about the most important thing of all – kindness.

Kindness to self.

Kindness to others.

Kindness to nature

There is one thing in life we cant do without

It begins with a K and about it we should shout

It makes all the difference to someones day

It comes from what you do, how you act and what you say

Of courses it’s not just for all other people

In fact where it starts is yourself in your steeple

Because unless you can manage to do it to I

It wont go to others however you try

What is it this mysterious thing we talk

Well its kindness of course that we all should walk

Kindness to self is first to start

Sometimes also the hardest to impart

We can be pretty tough on our own inner life

And this can cause very harmful strife

You see you are not to blame for your history

From quantum atom up the biological tree

You’ve acquired some habits along the way

And in modern life they come out to play

So be kind to yourself as a human being

And forgive your glitches for your own wellbeing

And realise deep down that with repeated intent

With ease and effort the human  path can be bent

And rather than curse when knocked off the path

You pick yourself up and have a nice bubble bath

Remind yourself of your directions and goals

And turn of that social with those venomous trolls

Kindness includes that monkey brain chatters

Self deprecating talk to subconscious mind matters

This deep mind not have sense of humour or laugh

And absorb it will do – nasty words that you self telegraph

I’m useless at this, those kids drive me mad

It’s in my DNA to be moody and sad

Pay attention to these loops of thinking and thought

And when spotted insert new ones the masters did taught

Our thoughts feed our feelings, our bodies react

With bio chemical hormones now that is a fact

We create our environment around every cell

With our thinking and emotions our body we tell

So lets stop this fighting, inside and out

And set good intention for what we do tout

With this simple practice then kindness is king

And these are the thoughts, feelings and actions that your body mind universe will sing

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