Video Poem: great teachers

A video poem I created for my mindfulness shows about how we should respect and honour ALL the great teachers from history

Can we see clearly what ancients new all

Our roots, good and bad , how to stand tall

Do we try and invent the wheel every life

Or realise that others had similar strife

Were not so unique that we don’t share same pain

We’re not clever really if each life we have to learn again

So let’s celebrate great teachers abound

Jesus, The Buddha, Mohamad were all sound

If we want to inspire this spiritual way

Then we must let ALL the great teachers have a say

We must be honest that there are many ways to find God

And be equal with them not bash some with a rod

For otherwise young ones will see through deceit

And miss the teachings from the likes that wash peoples feet

Lets relish the fact that great wisdom’s online

And help guide our young ones to be spiritually fine

We all need a purpose some meaning to live by

Don’t get to the end realising it’s all been a lie

We must not throw baby out with the water

We must not ignore great stuff  open minded we oughta

God is everywhere, everyone, inside and out

And these are the words that our hearts should shout

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