Poem About The march

A little poem I wrote after the Sydney march….

Now I’m not really convinced the march was a good idea
But being opposed to censorship is a view we need to hear

Maybe there was another method to let disagreement have its say
But in these times of social blocking many think there’s no other way

It’s rubbish to claim there’s total scientific agreement
When leading professors make great Barrington statement

Oxford Harvard and Stanford are not extreme places
For opposing views we demand we make spaces

So many bloody serious decisions our government make
Especially when our health freedom is what they will take

For the vax I dont care if you are against or you are for
But dont anyone dare make having it law

This is where gentle people will start to take arms
This is when divided society will do itself harms

And of course yet again mental health is low down
The priorities set in the world and this town

Many of those that demand restrictions more
Work for big corporates watching profits and salaries soar

But those out of work and cant pay their rent
Struggling with trying to stay out of a tent

This time around government help is a laugh
Doesn’t even touch average salary half

If Glady’s is sure we must stay home for more weeks
She better be sure that the evidence not reeks

Of favouring the only way TGA knows
Of big pharma heroes the story she sows

When you email TGA about why ivermectin to try
It says sorry, not our job, waiting for big pharma to submit a lie

Evidence blocked. Animal studies washed away
Healthy people positive PCR tests is here to stay

Ignore comorbidities – twist the data from vaer
And into a pharmaceutical barrel we stare

Let’s ignore the fact of many previous pharma mistake
And insist every last human get the injection we make

It’s a bloody risky experiment on this world they hurl
There’s no undoing the damage it may (or may not) unfurl

But I for one think this risk needs much more debate
And please please please fellow human beings – tone down the anger and hate

Paul x

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