You Are Eukaryote

A poem about our eukaryote selves, the cells that we share with all plants and animals, the things that allow us to receive the environment and make a response.

Eukaryote, the complex life

Since dot beginning, billion years strife

Symbiotic Archaea bacteria mates

Forming powerhouse energy mitochondria rates

Without which we would have no plants and trees

Let’s not forget the dinosaurs and bumble bees

The mammals and insects, birds, worms and flies

Integrated living, unimaginably long ties

With much bigger surface Than bacteria before

To receive what’s around it and write instincts like law

receptors all over, listening far and wide

for threats and disaster knowing to hide

sensing environment better when more

bigger surface area, that’s what it’s for

better able to read, but books came later

multi-cellular next, clever alligator

so let’s realise that life if but the same

it’s a eukaryote thriving evolutionary game