You Are Atomic Poem

A poem I wrote about our oldest evolutionary truth, that we arev all made from atoms, that we are all connected, we are all the universe.

Looking up deep into sky

Wondering brain asking why

Trying to get a grasp of scale

Differing reports of the history trail

Perspective shift from all about us

To tiny speck of planetary dust

Fathom not this single mind

Of where our place of human kind

Sits roughly in this time and space

Understanding my own humble place

Did you hear the very big bang

When the clocks of time commenced and rang

Atoms as old as the CMB

Forming stars and planets, forming you and me

Are they mine, do I own them, who gets them next

Can we recycle them without leaving text

Or do stories continue, embedded in each

A life being lived about what they might teach

Are we one just a blip in the fabric of all

Delusion of separate until the day we fall

Or can we unite as ocean so blue. One energy, one movement, drops ocean are to