Bugs & Germs Poem

A little poem I wrote about our 3.5 billion years of bacteria history – we have more bacteria cells than “human ones! We are a symbiotic relationship between life forms.

Bugs & germs They make us squirm

They are bad and we need to kill them

Our chemicals and wipes,  Exterminate all types

We don’t care who we condemn

On our hands, our mouths and toilet seats Our bank notes and our doors

We try to live in an imagined world  Of winning the biological wars

This is stupid and somewhat ridiculous A futile war at best

If you think you can eradicate bacteria

Then you’re about to fail the test

For a start they are bloody everywhere Outside and inside too

In fact they are in your digestive tract And very much part of you

They make up gigantic numbers Of equal to our selves

They do incredible things Are vital to our cells

Without them you would suffer, or probably even die

so don’t bother trying to kill them all or hopless will you try

Instead do realise they have a role and must live in harmony

they’ve been with us since the very start they are apart of you and me

they work to keep immune so strong they help us digest food

if you’re in balance you sing their song

they’ll protect you and nurture your brood

it all begins from day zero squeezing through the birth canal

thanks mum your’re my gut hero unnecessary intervention bad rationale

research shows us so much more now mind body and biome

affecting DNA and mind control

for sure we are not alone

want to loose your anxiety

and perhaps some obesity too

then buy my faecal transplant 

just $500 for my perfect poo

Mix antibiotics and alcohol 

Dodgy food and stress to taste

Think germ free home environment

Immune strength goes to waste

Sure penicillin and it’s children

Have been a great success

Now bad operations and nasty disease

Have all been laid to rest

But what if there is a price to pay

That we somehow overlooked

What if in our modern lifestyle,

Killing bugs has been overcooked

Let’s try a new beginning

Let’s welcome back old friends

Let’s life in homeostasis, And pray our biome mends