Quorum Sensing

Wow – yesterday I had so many tingles down my spine I had to pull over on the side of the Windsor Road to take a moment. I was driving to Billabong to present one of my Mindfulness programs and had been listening to Zach Bush MD who’s teaching I have been newly introduced to.

I have been teaching about how bacteria and microbes use quorum sensing as an energetic and biochemical tool to communicate for a few years now but Zach’s understanding of this area has really blown me away.

He describes quorum sensing as type of interconnected hyper intelligence that is evident through all aspects of nature, from the trees sharing information about the soil using the fungi networks to the swarms of fish moving in perfect harmony.

There’s very clear scientific proof that life forms can communicate on all different levels and across all different kingdom types. You are really not a single life form. You are really best described as an ecosystem containing other ecosystems and forming part of a wider ecosystem. The separation between these systems that comes from us calling ourselves homo-sapiens is imagined and artificial and leads to disconnection. Disconnection lead to dis-ease, illness, inbalance, environmental destruction and wars.

It’s time to adopt a different paradigm and see this planet for what it is – one incredible integrated ecosystems that has evolved over billions of years with a foundation of viruses, microbes, fungi and bacteria that underpin the soil, the planets and the animals – including us!

It’s time to stop trying to control and patch nature and instead learn to integrate and create balance and harmony with nature.

It’s time to integrate as a species as throughout evolutionary history, whenever life has come together it has increased its awareness and its intelligence. It is time to direct our human evolution.

Paul x

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