Two Brains

A little poem I wrote about our two brains..

Why do we have two brains inside, does anyone really ask
Hardly connected seperate things, how many people are behind each mask

Most divided of any creature, corpus colosseum reducing in size
Evolution – this must be a good idea, to who is this a surprise

The left brain loves to list, sorting neat and tidy piles
Putting the world into square boxes, lined up smart as bathroom tiles

Explanations are straight and logical but limited to sum of parts
Perhaps left is not all there is perhaps it skips the hearts

Our recent times with tech and industry rationales and theories abound
Maps and assumptions we make, reductionism is easily found

Let’s order this world and write it down and send a man to space!
Let’s go create a world wide web let’s feed the economic race!

Or we could take note of the other side sitting there waiting to see what is
Sensing relationships and connectivity radiating kind and loving bliss

The right is portal to the energy field this side connects us all
The right must be valued and emphasised or afraid the species will fall

It is the side that senses the world through indivisible force
Attract and repulse we open our minds the complete opposite to morse

It’s analogue not digital you can never fully know
But so exciting so dive in there now and see what life you sow

Paul x

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