Redundant ? Yippeee!

It’s not really a great word. There is something about being ‘made redundant’ which implies somehow you have no more value, like an old worn out robot being thrown on the trash heap as the new shiny one arrives.

The dictionary defines it as “no longer needed’ or ‘superfluous’. Everyone wants to be needed, to be useful, to be wanted. No-one wants to be on the trash heap.


Once we get over the initial shock, the feeling sorry for ourselves, the feeling unloved, we can actually see it as an incredible chance to align. Our habitual patterns are very strong, they have been within us for hundreds of millions of years. We have an evolutionary tendency to want to repeat the same day, stick with the same life, avoid the unknown at all costs – even if that means spending year after year doing a job that we don’t really like and doesn’t give us purpose or meaning. So when this change is brought on us forcibly then we are really very lucky that something outside of our control has kicked us onto a road of choice.

But beware!

Be careful though, for your powerful habitual brain will be uneasy in the uncertainty and that left hemisphere of yours will be telling you to get the same kind of job as you had before as quickly as possible – to bring ‘knownness’ and certainty back to your life and get out of this scary period of potential.

Redundancy is a great time for change. For possibility. For entering on a new path, a new life, a new career, a new you. It very may well be the best thing that every happened to you – if you let it!

This is the time to put your hand on your heart and ask yourself – what do I want from my life? What do I care about? What might I be good at that I haven’t done before? What is the most outlandish thought I can have about a new direction? What is the worst that can happen if I try something new? How can I try something and minimise risk? What does the world need? How can I make a difference?

In order to ask these questions and make sure your left hemisphere doesn’t stomp you down at the first hint of something different then you will need to get on top of how to manage your consciousness and practice meta-cognition – the process of observing your thoughts and emotions skilfully and then discerning between them wisely. This is the process of using the most evolved part of the human mind, the pre frontal cerebral cortex, the only part of our brain that is able to respond to our lives in new and innovative ways. This is the process of emotional intelligence, the ability to know how are our feelings (ie fear) can be subconsciously driving our thoughts and actions and then be able to over ride unhelpful emotions when required.

Redundancy => Retreat

Yes, OK I am biased, I have an agenda, I run a mindfulness and meditation retreat centre called Billabong Retreat. This is what we teach – ancient wisdom based on modern neuroscience. We help people to inhabit their minds and traverse periods of change.

But even if you don’t come to our retreat then find another one. This is a great time to realign. This is a great time to balance out all the competing thoughts and emotions within your being. This takes skill. This takes practice. This takes guidance.

Good luck!

I teach Mindfulness Retreats every 4 weeks at Billabong Retreat Sydney

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  1. Danni

    Everything you say here is on point Paul. It helps with mindset shift to understand that a person is never made redundant, the role is. Unfortunately this leads to your employment ending…. but what an opportunity to create new roads!!

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